Deborah, Israelite Prophetess – Summary

Deborah, Israelite Prophetess – Summary
The Defeat of Sisera at the hands of Barak and Deborah

The 10,000 troops raised by Deborah, Judge of Israel, defeat Sisera.

Deborah was the fourth Judge of pre-monarchic Israel, and only female Judge mentioned in the Bible. She was a prophetess of the God of the Israelites, a counselor, warrior, and wife. Some refer to her as the ‘Mother of Israel’. After 20 years of oppression at the hands of Jabin, king of Canaan, Deborah incited a rebellion, rallied 10,000 troops to do battle with Sisera, Jabin’s military commander. Sisera is completely defeated, and Jael, another heroic Israelite woman drives a tent stake through his temple while asleep. Israel would enjoy 40 years of peace in the land after the battle.

Israelite Judge and Prophetess Deborah rendering judgment under a palm tree

The Israelite Prophetess and Judge Deborah would render her judgments under a palm tree

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